Human Video Board©

Be part of the show!

Turn your venue into a video board!

Human Video Board engages your fans by creating amazing animated smartphone light shows in stadiums, arenas, and other venues of any size.

Everyone can have fun using the smartphones they already have!

(And no, we don’t use smartphone microphones, so you can be sure we’re not listening to your audience.)

Show Types
Show Types
Bright smartphone screens are used for these incredible shows which are best suited for dark, indoor arenas.
Smartphone camera flashes are used to create various amazing effects in both outdoor and indoor venues.
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Whatever you need, we can help you to create a memorable experience for your audience of any size!
Increase the fun and engage your fans!
Random Prizes
  • Increase the excitement and improve fan engagement using our new “Random Prizes” feature!
  • In real-time, you specify the prizes and other details, and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • Winners are notified on their app with a special confetti effect!
Matthew Turner
Wow! How cool was that!

Really enjoyed the show. Many of us Wire fans hope this is a regular at the HJ.

Ben Champlain
I love the app and definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to be a part of something super special at any sports game!!
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Questions
  • There really is no practical limit to how many people can participate in a Human Video Board. It can scale way beyond 100,000 seats!

  • Check out the Video section of this site to see clips from previous shows. And there’s always a small demo running so you can try out the Human Video Board app yourself to see how it works.

  • There are three types of shows. Color shows use smartphone screens and can include millions of colors. Flash shows use the camera flash to create dazzling animated effects. Combination shows combine both flash and color for a truly unique display!

  • There are seven different ways shows can be started to fit the needs of the organizer, from precise countdowns to remote control. Ask us for more information!

  • No. Our app never uses the smartphone’s microphone. Participants can be confident we don’t listen to them or their friends! Note that both iOS and Android will always ask the user for permission before an app can use the microphone, but they don't provide any controls to prevent the recording or transmission of audio data over the network.

  • Yes! The darker the better. Indoor shows can be performed using either color screens or flash. Outdoor shows can be color if the venue is dark enough. Flash shows work great under any conditions!

  • Yes! Each phone has a unique part to play in every show. There is really no limit to how creative you can be.

  • For our “traditional” shows in which every phone performs a unqiue part, the app asks participants to select their section, row, and seat before the show(s) start. We can also create shows where participants don’t need to provide seat information. Shows of this type contain any number of unique “tracks” randomly assigned to participating phones, creating light shows in which all phones combine to create amazing effects.

  • Minimal network access is required for smartphones to get their part of planned light shows leading up to an event, but is not required during the actual show. In other words, we won’t bring down your network!

  • Of course!